Campus Map

Once you"Get to First Baptist Church" you might feel a little lost inside the building. Fortunately, we have plenty of way-finding signs and helpful maps throughout the church, but if you'd like to have a better idea of where to go before you get there, this page is for you. To locate a room in the building or for a more detailed look, select one of the floor maps below.

A 1st Floor 2nd Floor
Christian Activity Center (CAC) Classrooms
Classrooms Royal Ambassadors (RAs)

B 1st Floor 2nd Floor 3rd Floor
Fellowship Hall Preschool Ministry Children's Ministry
Pillars Room Girls in Action (GAs)
The Parlor

C 2ndFloor 3rd Floor 4th Floor
Classrooms Classrooms Classrooms
Youth Office - 2½ Costume Room

D 1st Floor 2nd Floor
Youth Department Student Worship Center (SWC)

E 1st Floor 2nd Floor
Church Offices Classrooms
Conference Room Library

F 1st Floor 2nd Floor
Sanctuary Choir Room